September 11, 2017 by Medvisor
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Financial Planning Mistakes That Every Medical Business Advisor Need To Know

When it comes to forecasting the future, no medical advisor has a crystal ball in front of them. Medical businesses have the ability to determine how the cash flow and other financial elements may appear in the coming period. Besides, if not addressed properly, they make some common mistakes which can lead to exponentially large problems. So, it’s better to understand these mistakes in advance in order to ensure proper financial planning. Here are a few common financial planning mistakes th more

August 24, 2017 by Medvisor
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Business Accountant: A Key to Achieve Financial Stability

So, you are a business owner too? I am sure, that one thing as a business owner you DO NOT enjoy is accounting/book keeping and, just like most of them out there, you end up doing it on weekends or late at nights. Yet you carry on because you have an attitude of DO IT YOURSELF (DIY). In your opinion, seeking the services of an accountant is a luxury you can’t afford. Well, let us assure you here that, us as a tax accountant are not as expensive as others yet, when it comes to quality, we sure more

August 11, 2017 by Medvisor
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A Brief on Accountancy for Medical GP Practices

Running a successful medical practice is highly demanding. With ever changing tax legislation, the medical profession is one of the most complex forms in terms of accountancy. Therefore, it becomes vital to consult a GP Accountant for medical practices, as they have in-depth knowledge of this sector. Most of GP Accountants are self-employed and run their own practices or are a part of a larger group. This means that they are rewarded substantially through profit share, including dividends from more

July 24, 2017 by Medvisor
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5 Reasons Why Dentists in Melbourne Need Accountants

Professional dental accountants can aid dentists to manage their financial affairs more effectively – giving you a peace of mind that you are getting at the best out of a career, which can be hard work at most of the times. Accounting for dentists can be much more multifaceted than general accountancy, with industry-specific issues that add to the list of personal finance questions, as well as the questions that any individual might bring in. By working with specialist dental accountants more

July 17, 2017 by Medvisor
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Is Your Hobby Income Deductible As Tax?

Ever wondered if your hobby income could be deductible as tax? This is some important information you need to know. Hobby is anything extra we do in our spare time. We all have certain hobbies, and some of us are so involved in it that it becomes difficult to distinguish if it’s a mere hobby, or business. It's important to understand the differences between a hobby and a business for tax, insurance and legal purposes. Some key questions to consider include: Is the activity being und more

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